Improving your public speaking

The 10 speaker levels

The programme we follow at HSC includes 10 levels. Once you’ve completed those, you can also choose to do the Advanced Level. When you join Horsham Speakers Club you will be given a manual which includes all the information you need about both.

The 10 levels will take you through all the essentials of public speaking. Each level is designed to improve your confidence and skill. Level 1 is very relaxed with the aim of just getting you started. You’ll prepare a short speech about any topic you like.

After that, you’ll learn how to give your speech structure, use your voice and your body, use interesting language, engage your audience, use humour and more. All at your own speed and every speech you do is about a topicof your choice.

The evaluation process – it doesn’t hurt

After each speech you give, you’ll be evaluated by one of our more experienced speakers. The aim is to give constructive feedback, to build your confidence and to ensure you’ve met the criteria for that level. It’s an important part of making sure you improve and progress but it’s not as bad as it sounds! If you choose, we’ll also record your speech and your evaluation so you can assess yourself and listen to the feedback again.

You’ll get a certificate once you’ve completed the first 5 levels and again after level 10. And you’ll also get a huge sense of achievement.

Advanced level

Once you’ve completed the 10 levels, there is an advanced level for our experienced members. You can find out more about that from our membership secretary.


A couple of times a year we get together for a social evening. You don’t have to come but it is a great chance for partners and friends to come along and meet the group and find out more about what we get up to at Speakers Club. We have an annual dinner in May, a social evening in the summer and sometimes we get together at Christmas if time allows.

Horsham Speakers Club – Achieving Speaking Confidence

To find out more come along to a meeting on the second and last Tuesday of the month in the Tythe Barn, Pondtail Road, Horsham, RH12 5JF at 7.45 pm.

Alternatively, contact our membership secretary using the simple form below

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