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Achieving Speaking Confidence

Welcome to Horsham Speakers Club

Love it or hate it, there are times in your life when you have to speak in public or deliver a presentation. We help you overcome nerves and master the art of public speaking!

Gain new confidence and improve your public speaking

Welcome to Horsham Speakers Club, a Chartered Member of the Association of Speakers Clubs. We are a supportive and friendly place for you to come and improve your public speaking skills.

Our diverse membership includes speakers of all abilities – from the beginner and those that dread public speaking, to the more experienced.

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Overcome your fear of public speaking

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Horsham Speakers Club will support and encourage you with valuable feedback. We’re a fun group with members from all walks of life and of all abilities, from the very experienced to the absolute novice.

You’ll be encouraged by a huge sense of support and right from the start, you’ll find your confidence improves.

So why not come and join us for an evening?

We have a structured learning programme and you learn at entirely your own pace. Better still, you’ll learn from others and have fun! Yes, really, public speaking can be fun!

Your first meeting is free and you don’t have to say a word if you don’t want to.

Alternatively, just get in touch using the simple form below, and our membership secretary will talk you through what we do and what we’re like.

Public speaking doesn’t have to be painful and Horsham Speakers Club is probably not what you’re expecting.

But it might just open up a whole new world for you.

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We meet on the second and last Tuesday of the month in the Tythe Barn, Pondtail Road, Horsham, RH12 5JF at 7.45pm.

See the map below for more details.

Few skills impact your life more positively than learning to speak in public.
Horsham Speakers Club – Achieving Speaking Confidence